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We buy high quality mild steel to manufacture or wide range of products.

The factory runs on a first-in-first-out scheduling system. A job is only scheduled for production once the deposit has been paid, and at that stage we can advise the estimated delivery time. Most jobs take 3 weeks from order to delivery.

Sometimes we can, depending on the current workload in the factory.

We use a Steelcoot paint. This is a two in one product of very good quality.

The most popular in our  Antique Rustic Finish and black. We also do white and green or any color you need.

We treat our mildsteel with a special cleaner and then spray paint it. If the paint had time to harden, damage is very little and can be touched-up easily. We can powdercoat of galvinize the product at extra cost +/- 25% extra before vat.

Yes we can do powdercoat or galvinize our products at an  extra cost. Usually this will take an extra 2 weeks in the manufacturing time.

Choose a simpler design. In general, forgings, castings, and scrolls increase the manufacturing time, and therefore the cost

Yes we can change the product to the sizes you need or the shape. Because of the changes the products price can change.

Hallo Trienie; Thank you for the enquiry. Yes we do deliver outside Gauteng and the cost depends on the quantity ordered, but also the area. We deliver ourselves to KZN and FS 2 -3 times a year and to KZN we have a courier with reasonable prices as well. You are welcome to contact us for more details.

Hallo Corrien; Thank you for your inquiry. We can deliver ourselves to Malmesbury, if it is a full load. For smaller loads we can use a logistic company.To give you a quote I need to know what items you are interested in, for dimensions and weight. Please contact us at info@4seasons4u.co.za for further information.

Thank you for the inquiry. The topairy ball works beautiful in pots or directly into the soil. The lollipops are always more difficult because of there height. What we did once for a customer was to make a topairy ball, and add a bullit hinge. Then you can open the ball, cover the plant, prune it, remove it again and move on to the next plant. Let me know what size you are interested in then we can make you a quote.

Good afternoon Christine; Thank you for your inquiry. Yes, you can still order and receive the items before the 14th of December. I will forward you a quote asap. Hilly

Good morning Mariette, Thank you for the enquiry. We can respray in our standard colours. Best will be to send me a picture of the set to 0780541604 on whtasapp. Which area are you situated?

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