4 SEASONS 4 U is a small family business, manufacturing a whole range of chair and table sets or individually, gazebo's /pergola's, archways, benches, accessories, and lots more. 

Here you will find some standard items we can manufacture for you, but we can do the design and then manufacture the item you want for your garden or patio. We powder coat the boxes and a LED Light and perspex sheet is standard included. As an extra option you can cover the back of the box with a galvanized backing at extra cost.

We have a variety of potholders for you. Please scroll down and see all the details. Do you need something different; please contact us! ac1.2 Shelve 5

In this group you will find all our hanging baskets and stands for the baskets. Decorate your patio or walls with our outstanding beautiful baskets.

Stepping Stones are a must in every garden, but to find the ons you need or was planning can be difficult. We make some frames to help you in the process.

The 4seasons4u Accessories includes:

4seasons4u has a variety of wallbrackets in stock for you: Wall bracket for a hanging basket Wall bracket Potholder

The Iron balls/spheres gives your garden, water features or pots a different shape and look the sizes available: 300mm 400mm 500mm 600mm 700mm We also have topiary balls/spheres to prune your plant perfectly . 300mm 400mm 500mm 600mm

Decorative trellises transform ordinary walls, patios, entrances and walkways as well as help to create elegant partitions for entertaining or privacy when used as fencing. Draped with blossoms and greenery, our trellises can help you to create a romantic retreat, right in your own backyard.

At 4seasons4u we have different benches to suite every taste. ( Blue Fig Landscaping at Garden World 2013) We have different sizes and shapes, the so called Victorian Arbour or the more traditional garden bench.

The 4seasons4u Pergola' Gazebo's are very popular. They bring a special sphere in your garden and can used for many different reasons. Pergolas are frames for vines and climbers that surround the occupants with foliage, flowerss and aromas, offer a measure of protection and afford some privacy in urban areas. Cover them with roses or any other creeper for a tea house. Use them as a extra focus for your waterfeature or pots. We have many different shapes and sizes, if your id

The 4seasons4u Archways will help you to create 'rooms' in your garden. Archways are sometimes also called Arbours and is a short walk-though arched structure that connects one part of the garden to another. Used as a frame for climbers. ( picture by Clearcut Landscaping) We have different sizes to help you with your new project. 1200mm 1400mm 2000mm

The 4seasons4u brigdes are unique products. Mild steel combined with Rhodesian Teak gives your a very warm feeling. We have the more classic bridge: Bridge Hardeman And we have the more Romantic type: Bridge Roman Our standard sizes are: 1500mmx800mmx1000mm 2500mmx800mmx1000mm We make cutme sizes as well, please email us at info@4seasons4u.co.za

The 4seasons4u fencing is ideal for keeping the dogs and kids out off your borders. We manufacture them with 6mm roundbar to give them extra strenght en durability. we have 3 standard sizes: 400mm x1000mm 500mmx1000mm 600mmx1000mm

4seasons4u is proud to show you our beautiful Herb/Baker Stands. The are ideal to display your succelents , herbs, or even to grow your vegetable garden in pots on your patio. Or show of your collection of theepots! We have different sizes available: 1000mmx2200mm 1200mmx1620mm 1000mmx1000mm The corners stands are also very popular. 4seasons4u is proud to show you our new range, we call them the Romemary range. One to decorate your small patio wall ( st5 ) or kitche

4seasons4u have a very romantic divider . It is stable and can be used interior and exterior in your garden.

Our Birdcages are really something different form the ordinary one's . Our standard birdcage is 1500mm diameter. But we can make them in all sizes. You can choose about the finish and how you want it, only welded mesh or with mesh and mildsteel sheets for extra shelter for your birds.

This is quite new concept, but very modern. Powdercoating is available at reasonable price!

In South Africa every seasons need a propper firepit and logholder. Our evenings are getting coller very quickly. Our products are made of thick flatbar , and won't be rusted for a long time!

Decorate your waterfeature with something different, use a wrought iron water spout.

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