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Table Spring variations

Table Spring variations


Whether it’s a barbecue, a sunset cocktail party, or a cozy brunch, the Spring Table adapts effortlessly. Plus, the generous surface area accommodates platters of food, drinks, and delightful desserts. Elevate your outdoor entertaining game with this stylish and functional addition!

Available in the following colors: Black, Matt Black, Antique Rustic, White, Charcoal and Light Grey.

The Steel Dining Spring Table transforms your garden or patio into an inviting dining space. Gather friends and family around this sleek, steel-crafted table for memorable meals under the open sky. Its sturdy construction ensures stability, even during lively conversations and gusty evenings.

  • Benefits:
    • Enhances your outdoor space with its stylish and versatile design.
    • Provides a durable surface for dining, entertaining, and socializing.
    • Adds a touch of elegance to your garden or patio decor.
  • Features:
    • Made from premium steel for strength and weather resistance.
    • Sleek, minimalist design that complements various outdoor settings.
    • Ideal size for intimate gatherings or larger events, accommodating your entertainment needs effortlessly.
Dimensions N/A

t2.2 Ø1200mm (flat bar top), t2.2a Ø1200 (solid top), t2.2b Ø1400mm (flat bar top)

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