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Heart Potholder Hanging variations

Heart Potholder Hanging variations


Available in the following colors:

  • Satin Black
  • Matt Black
  • Antique Rustic Finish
  • White
  • Light Grey

We have 2 options available:

ac9.2 (LxBxH520x440x440) 150mm

ac9.2a (LxBxH 600 x 490 x 490) 200mm

Dress up a porch, patio, deck, arbor or pergola with dazzling petunia hanging baskets. This quintessential summer flower comes in a wide array of colors and patterns that go with any home exterior or landscape style.

Contributors: Janet Loughrey

When warmer weather arrives, it’s time to think about planting annuals, which will brighten up the yard with months of continuous color. Petunias are one of the most popular summer flowers for their vibrant long-lasting blooms, vigorous growth, and mounding, spreading or trailing habit that makes them perfect for hanging baskets.

petunia hanging basket

With so many varieties to choose from, the possibilities for petunia hanging basket combinations are endless. While a single variety can be planted by itself, petunias really show off when paired with other petunias in complementary or contrasting colors and patterns. Here are some tips for how to create your own spectacular petunia hanging baskets.


Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A

ac9.2 ♥ POTHOLDER Ø150mm, ac9.2a ♥ POTHOLDER Ø200mm

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