Classic Pot variations

Classic Pot variations


Ideas For Metal Containers With A Base

Olive Trees

For planters containing a bottom, an olive tree would be our number one choice as they provide year round interest with distinct grey foliage and fruit. Additionally, they are a moderately sized tree that is ideally suited to relatively small gardens. Growing trees in containers restricts the size of the root ball and therefore the size of the tree that can be produced.

This means that they can be housed in a tree container for years without being repotted provided that there is sufficient nutrients added every year. This can be done by adding additional compost or fertilizer every year.

In the UK olive trees can survive cold winters without protection but they do require good drainage. This is where a product such as a metal planter with feet is ideal. This is because the feet on the container will help to lift it off the ground maintaining good drainage. Additionally, you can add a layer of gravel in the base of the container to improve drainage as well.

Dimensions N/A

ac18.1c Classic Steel Flower Pot 750x750x750mm, ac18.1e Classic Steel Flower Pot 900x900x900mm


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